Client Testimonials

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh


Cindy made me feel comfortable and in a safe space to open up on many topics. She held space to just allow me to talk and work through things that were not going well in my life. She challenged me with deep questions that really opened my mind up to look deeper within myself to find the true source or solution to my personal well being. She is very knowledgeable and a very attentive listener. She heard things I would say that I could never really put together myself.  I would most definitely recommend Cindy to anyone looking for healing holistically as our bodies are so much more than just physical beings. Encompassing the mind, body, and soul is such a deeper level of healing for overall well being.

Angel, 42
Registered Nurse


While working with Cindy, I was at a point where I was growing really uncomfortable at the thought of having a take some new nursing job to start generating income vs trusting my intuition and pouring all my energy into my new path. This was a very deep-rooted, painful issue that was being stirred up which I was working on with various support levels, as it was a multi-layered blockage, and Cindy sure had her Divine part with assisting me during this major Quantum Leap. Cindy made me feel comfortable, heard, and at ease at a point that I just wanted to break down and give up on what I knew was my soul mission – a path I have spent the last 10 years doing deep personal and professional development to get to. I was able to hold strong and make the leap, and the liberation I feel from doing so is followed by an immense outpouring of gratitude that I am serving my Divine purpose in this world. I highly recommend Cindy to anyone, especially those that are searching for a fellow Earth Angel to light their way.

Kim, 34
Registered Nurse/Holistic Practitioner


WOW Cindy is AMAZING!! She has helped me with ALL aspects of my life!! Health, Wellness, Family, Work and my Home Life Issues

Karen, 39
Real Estate Agent


Cindy came into my life at such a pivotal point. I was overwhelmed with being a wife, mother, homeschool mom, manager of a household, nighttime nurse for my type one diabetic daughter... all while still trying to build a business, grow my clientele, Create custom content and run several groups on Facebook. I was running out of steam, motivation, hope and feeling stuck and restless. I felt like I wasn’t moving forward in life and missing out on key things that God had for me Cindy, was able to challenge me and help me see the places in my heart and life that weren’t yielded or surrendered to the Lord. She was able to walk me through some deeper, underlining roots that were holding me back from becoming the very best wife, mom, homeschool teacher, social media growth coach and me that I l knew was there. She was able, through her amazing coaching and accountability, to pull all those things out of me and I’m super grateful for the time she invested in me. I HIGHLY recommend Cindy!

Ilyia, 40
Social Media Coach


Coaching with Cindy changed my life!! With her coaching I was able to see my life with clarity. She encouraged me to dream about life again. I have Joy!! Our visits are confidential, never interrupted or rushed. Cindy challenges me to look deep into myself body, mind, and soul and bring out the best of myself. Cindy is a blessing!!

Shannon, 58
Registered Nurse


We all have a God given purpose but sometimes life gets too heavy and we forget we’re here for a reason. Cindy has come along side me and offered encouragement, practical problem solving skills, addressing what is holding me back and how to move past it, help in building confidence, and most importantly she prays over you and for you throughout the week! I can’t speak enough about how much she has helped me! It is my prayer that all who feel stuck, or that they aren’t living up to what they were created for will make this investment in themselves. This has done more for me in 8 weeks then years of counseling! You will never regret the decision to identify and heal what is holding you back in life!

Angie, 37


I have never met somebody more compassionate, sincere, and empowering than Cindy. Being an introvert, I was not eager to be vulnerable, but I knew there were areas in my life that needed to change. This experience has been one of the best things I've decided to do. Learning to take care of myself has made so much of an impact on me and my family. This has been an amazing journey, and I can't wait to see where I go!

Sarah, 41
Music Teacher


Cindy helped me see how I can get in my own way and showed me the things in my life that are no longer serving me. She has shown me the beauty of being vulnerable and given me the courage to love myself enough to create boundaries. I absolutely love the vision for my future that she helped me realize.

Kecia, 36


Cindy's gentle challenger energy was exactly what I needed to get me going back to the gym consistently, which has resulted in my losing 25 pounds as of this morning! I know she played an enormous role in this particular aspect of my transformation and the compound effects are a better relationship with my husband, 5x revenue in my business in the last 3 months, and a deeper connection with my children!

Liz, 39