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Money-Making Mastery

Time is short, and in order to make the greatest use of it, this MMA (Money-Making Activities) program is essential.

This opens up new opportunities! We also think that simplicity and intelligence always triumph. There are 1 hour chunks of time on the image, as you can see below. Make sure that your timings are non-negotiable.

Let me say that once again~and in all caps; YOUR MMA’S ARE NON-NEGOTIABLES IN YOUR BUSINESS! Why?

“Considering that these operations may make or break your company; every time you develop a new item or carry out a new task in your organization, it will always come back to these operations since they form the fundamental basis of your enterprise.”

Let's consider this in the context of the Quick Morning Anchoring Training's cycle of Release - Receive - Give Back.

Quick Morning Anchoring Training

  • Release – Expectations for both you and other people, restrictive ideas, or limiting beliefs. Return to the anchoring and grounding exercises.

  • Receive – Abundance, clients, and those people who are meant for you.

  • Give – Time, resources, and love.



You can never predict what will occur. You cannot count on "that person" to consent. They also can't be expected to refuse.

Release any personal demands that you have placed on yourself. Is it really feasible for you to manage your business, prepare all of your meals, clean your entire home, attend all of your child's extracurricular activities, do all of your errands, go shopping, and pay all of your bills?

What can you frugally let go of so that your time and energy are supported?

Limiting Beliefs:

What do you think prevents you from moving forward? What do you think?

"I'm not secure. I am not deserving. I'm not up to par."

Does it actually exist? Is it reassuring? If it isn't accurate or affirming, it doesn't deserve to stay and earn your energy and attention. Feel into it, give it room to be validated and seen.


Next, find content inspiration. Instead of attempting to push stuff out, writing content flows effortlessly and swiftly when you are receiving it.

Receive the women (or men, if you service them) who leave comments and like your post after you've posted your material for the day.

Keep in mind that the leads you receive via private messaging are actual people who are seeking your answer. It's simple to see their brilliance and the incongruity between their suffering and their difficulties when you're in this accepting mood.

Abundance. You are entitled to anything you want. Receiving payment for your work and the value you bring to your clients is entirely acceptable.


In the workflow cycle, giving time is equivalent to providing your program to your clients. In proportion, it only takes up 20% of your workday or week. The objective should be to begin employing or outsourcing in order to grow your firm.

The impact is much bigger when giving from a genuine place of service and love. For your high-ticket clientele, you can do better.

Be careful while donating since overgiving is one of the main causes of burnout. Consider revamping your client fulfillment to incorporate a group component if you have more than five one-on-one customers.

Here are the list of MMAs and NON-MMAss!

Money-Making Activities

1. Any endeavor that increases your income target.

2. Establish, Invite, Serve, and Propose

3. The cornerstone of your profession is this.

4. Rinse, wash, and repeat

posting naturally on your wall, in a group on Facebook, or, if you have a group, on your own Facebook page.

5. Past customers or prospects that you've been nurturing through emails or private messages.

6. New discussions in private messages

7. Referral contact

8. If you have a list to invite to the first call, send an email to it.

9. To find new referral possibilities, establish referral partners and collaborate with them.

While engaging in these things, who are you BEING? Please always keep in mind that what matters most is who you are, not what you do. Simply by loving, serving, and forging genuine connections with the people you meet, you may attract clients anywhere you go, at any time.

Non-Money-Making Activities

1. Checking social media alerts (unless you're PMING)

2. Working on lead pages or websites

3. Working to fix biographies, button colors, or Facebook banners

4. Gatherings with teams, VA, etc.

5. Mentoring current clients

6. Extinguishing fires

7. Lives or content without a goal

8. Examining emails

9. Administrative assistance

In the graphic below, each box represents 1 hour. How can you structure your day in a similar way? Creating intention and balance in your day will support you in making money as a coach.

IMAGE (Get from Cindy)

A straightforward task you may take on by yourself, with a group member as a partner, or with the entire group for 30 days.

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